guangzhou wedding接新娘


找到鞋子后,还要给父母还有长辈敬茶,收取不少红包还有礼物,广东人无外乎就是大大小小的金器了,然后拜过祖先,新郎新娘一起出门,古老的村子里响起鞭炮声,这时候就是要提前找好位置了,在礼花散开的一霎那连续抓拍,好照片会给每个人带来欢乐的回忆!guangzhou wedding

guangzhou wedding

AnDong is married. The bride is from PanYu,Guangzhou. We picked her up in the morning.As the only photographer, in order to take the best pictures,I was always in front of them.Actually,no matter what the bridegroom and his brothers did,no matter how many red envelopes they gave,they must gave their best to go to the house.

Even though they did,they must find  the bride’s the other shoe,this is a southern custom in China.The more difficulties you meet,the more happy you will be.    After you found the other shoe,the bridegroom shoud toasted the bride’s parents and elder members of her family in tea. and then the bridegroom got many red envelopes and other presents.After they finished,they went outside together.

You can  hear the sound of firecrackers .And then I must catch every moment in my camera.