Soul Hunter

When I started this Wechat account, I hesitated, about whether to use the name of soul hunter. If I was only using it to get attention, then it’s a gimmick; but if it is true, then why am I afraid to face the fact?

Let me start by telling about myself. Graduated from university in 2000, I became a communication engineer. Non-stoppable business trips allover the country made photography my hobby. My traces can be found in huge mountains, small hills, islands and towns. I carried with me a rangefinder camera, taking pictures while walking, whereas rinsing and scanning them upon return. I also made myself a personal website. Besides work, photography is my biggest interest, and brings me much joy. 摄影师杨雷

After working outside hometown for three years, I figured that it is better to settle down.Then I left the unit and went to Guangzhou City, and continued working as anengineer in a stated-owned communication company. I spared my self taking photos and enjoying life.

At that time, my favourite technique is chrome film. I was obsessed by the stunning colors and textures. Pressing the shutter after much deliberation, waiting at the wash shop after finishing the film,and obtaining the photo every single time, completed a magical process.

After staying in Guangzhou for five years, the company is undergoing restructuring. I soon realized I will probably be under the same work circumstance after five years,then I started looking for new job. I thought to myself: if I cannot change mylife, at least I can change my job.

My dream then was to become the photographer for National Geographic Magazine, so I can travel the world.

After looking online for a week, luckily, I became the photographer for a Hongkong magazine named “Golf Guru”. Traveling between various golf courses regardless of the weather, I also learned how to play golf.

New job has brought me endless joy, and my photographing skills have improved tremendously. During the China Tour Competition in Chengdu, my camera lens failed to function, unable to auto-focus, which is a disaster for sports shooting. But I didn’t stop working, I continued with manually adjusting the filming process.

Finally, on a putting green, when a young national team player high-fived with the teammates while celebrating, I noticed this scene and captured the moment right on time. The photo has won the secondprize in the annual tournament photography test, which won me a digital camera.

Later on, I was shooting alongside with Li Yang from Crazy English and was shooting two events every day, dozens events every month. A great abundant of filming has given mea keen vision, and I became quicker in noticing the subtleties as well as capturing them. I felt myself at the moment, blending together with the scene.

Once after ashooting event, a madam approached me and praised me candidly: your photos are so great, and I couldn’t even notice your presence at the scene. You blended in just so well as if you weren’t even there!”

Yes, this is the secret! As long as you can handle the emotion of the scene, you will know when to shoot and not to disturb the rest.


My life before marriage in Guangzhou was simple: participating in various sports events and shooting. I carried with me my camera and walked every possible corner of the city.

One time I was on a mission to Hongkong. I stayed in Hongkong for a bit after work: strolling on the streets and capturing some casual street views. I sent those photos to one of my colleague in Hongkong, local growing up there who told me that my photo revealed to her the beauty of the city she had never noticed. The photos of streets and avenues touched her deeply. 

香港6408.webp6409.webp64010.webp64011.webp Later I met Teacher Kim. After seeing my photo of the street scenes in Guangzhou, she told me she felt like crying even that she had been livingin Guangzhou for years. I realized that photos could be understood by anyone.

Once a journal reporter found me after the interviewing session with Kim, the reporter told me that Kim really appreciated me, hoping to bring me with her to shoot in the United States in the future. I am grateful to her.

广州积水 水淹

The reason that made me switch to be a freelancer photographer is the desire to settle down and have a family. After all, still wandering in the world at thirties is not a way out.

After a while in Guangzhou working as a freelancer photographer, I discovered my talent in shooting people. Displaying the objects’ charm and temperament using my skillsis an exciting and pleasing thing to do.

I came to realize that the basic of photography is skills, but the excavation of the innate character depends on the photographer himself.

 Brother Charlie

The photo taken in World Spiritual University  Asian Ashram Center(Brahma Kumaris), Charlie (spiritual head of the University of Australia) later told me: you take a good photo, and that is because you can see the soul of people.

 Leonard Jacobson 

This photo was taken at my workshop. Because of this photo, I became astudent of him, and followed his discipline in everyday life: no life exists besides this moment.

 Jingkui Lei

Mr. Lei is myfirst and last spiritual mentor, I regard him as a good friend. He commented my photography as such: you captured the heart-touching good photos because you are the channel to the higher spirit.

 Jia Nan

She taught me crossed-leg meditation, I gave in return this frozen moment of eternal beauty.Taken in Wu Zhen.

 LiHong Mentor Sapna

Ai Jing

Mother Teresa is her guide.We took a series of photos in MeiHuaZhou. Seeing her inside beauty just like Mother Teresa, she was deeply moved. I particular prefer this one.

Shuyao Huang

We took the shotin the mizzle. He said just taking a casual shot is fine. However I didn’t know what I was searching at the moment, and continued shooting even he was satisfied already. Finally, I was moved by his inner buddha-nature after the appearance of this photo and was filled with tears.

 Zhi Ling

Through this photo, I saw the kindness and love inside her, and realized suddenly that what I captured is not only the appearance, but also the soul of aperson.

Indeed, I am good at capturing the intrinsic authenticity: filming your intrinsic beauty by using my own insight. One photo that is beyond imagination excites us and enhances our self-awareness. Whether it is for your publications, or your pure wish of obtaining a fine photo, I am looking forward to our collaboration.