A thank-you letter to my little angel

A thank-you letter to my little angel
 Article Written by Tina.photos taken by Ray

You are sitting there peacefully on a boulder with the fragrance of lavender filling the air. You are looking attentively far into the distance, fully immersed in your fantancy. There are iredescent bubbles glmmering in the afterglow of the setting sun. I can see nothing but indescribable beauty.


I cannot help but wondering what has made you completely lost in your thought of train? Will it be a fairy or a bunny or a witch with a magic wand taking you down here to this wonderland? I wonder if you are willing to share your little secret with me. You know I always care.
Five years ago, you came to this world on a bright and sunny day. You were soft and tiny with hair as black as ebnoy. You were so delicate and helpless. The feeling of adoration hit as soon as I saw you. The first time I held you in my arms, My heart overflowed with tenderness. It was also the first time I had the feeling of being needed by someone. It just came to me so naturally, the strongest bond between us. I felt it right away.
Five years has flown by like arrow. Both of us have grown. When you grow up to be a more independent being, I have learned how to be a more qualified mum. When you become a lively and chirpy girl, I have also become a more loving and tolerant woman, outgrowing my immaturity. My little angel, you don’t know how grateful I am to you. Because of you, I learned that giving is more fulfilling than receiving. Because of you, I came to realize that being strong is not a mission impposible. Because of you, I finally understood that defects in life can be equally beautiful. I have been a more complete person, all because of you.

I remember once you told me after you came back from your dance class that you would never give up on anything you do, because if you are persistent in your efforts, you believe you will do everyting well and if you do everything well, I will be happy. You told me that you want me to be happy. My sweety, thank you so much to be so considerate. I am pround of you. But what I want to tell you is that I feel happy only if you are. So, do remember, if you get pleasure from what you do in your life, please go ahead. But if you do something because you believe that makes me happy, please don’t, because all I want from you is a geniue smile beaming on your face from the botton of your heart. No more.

Promise me, my sweety, you will be a happy angel. Your smile makes my life complete.

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